Useful templates

If you opt for a crafty design for your window display, you may find the following downloads helpful in creating your content.

  • Picture templates – these can be printed and then cut out/traced around. Alternatively, you can trace them from a computer screen and create templates from the tracings.
  • Hope letter templates – It can be tricky to create bubble-type lettering free-hand, so you may like to choose one of these fonts for your design. Print them out or trace them from a screen, then cut around them and use them as templates to draw around on black paper/card.
  • Hope letters to print and cut out – You may have a printer and want to go down the easy route of printing these in bold black, cutting round them and then simply sticking them onto your design to form your lettering.

Promotional materials

If you would like to promote Advent Lights within your local community, church or a group that you are part of, please feel free to use these downloadable posters and flyers to help spread the word about this event.